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2010 BRS Reunion Pre-Registration
Dates to be announced

To the community formerly know as BRS: The registration information form below will help us with the financial, food and lodging logistics. You can also use this as a opportunity to update your contact info. , We look forward to seeing you in August!

Thanks! The Reunion Planners

Please tell us about whether you are coming.
I / We are coming to the reunion:
If you are unable to attend, please let us know why:

Adults Attending:

Children Under 18 Attending and ages:


When do you think you'll be there:

All Weekend or...

Friday Night
Saturday Day
Saturday Night
Sunday Day

Lodging: Where do you plan to stay:
Onsite Lodging: Please indicate your onsite lodging preference. We have some families with young children coming and other special needs, so we will do our best to accommodate everyone. You will need to bring sleeping bags or linens (though we are hoping to have extras available for those coming long distances.)

Costs: We have yet to determine actual costs yet. Please send a deposit to Georgia - $25 for daytime only, $50 for overnight.

Send deposit to:

Georgia Ellicott
422 Court St.
Keene, NH 03431
603 352 2254 (h)
603 313 5574 (c)

Deposit for 2008 Reunion.

Amount sending:


Please make checks payable to: "BRS Reunion"

Helping Out: Would you like to help with:

Pre-Reunion Prep - Onsite

Food Preference: (we'll do our best to accommodate)
Special Needs/Considerations
Please tell us who you are!
First Name:
Last Name:
Partner/Spouse First Name:
Partner/Spouse Last Name:
Email address:
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Postal code/Zip:
Home Telephone:
Work Telephone:
Mobile Telephone:
Current Occupation:
Please tell us what you would like to do at the Reunion
Please let us know any thoughts you have about specific things you would like to have happen during the reunion - morning meeting, games, sharing time, open time, singing/music, chores, campfire, having Bruce compose a song, creativity time, etc.
Please tell us about your connection with BRS
(feel free to skip this section...)
BRS Affiliation: Student
BRS Years: Year 1 - 1978-89
Year 2 - 1979-80
Year 3 - 1980-81
Year 4 - 1981-82
Year 5 - 1982-83

Comments for "People" Web Page:

(Please write anything you would like people to know about you, what you are currently doing, etc. See current "People" list for examples.)

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Thanks for being in touch! We'll keep you posted!

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