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Betsy and Bruce Bergquist - founders & directors

Stewartsville, NJ 08886
(908) 387-8270
email: website: betsyandbruce.com

Dear Will and everyone ever connected to BRS who might be reading this web page!!!!!! It is late Friday night and Bruce and I have just returned from a week in Seattle doing one of our workshops and visiting with our westcoast children and grandchildren. I can't tell you how excited we are to be hearing from all of you as you come on line and knowing that there may be a reunion in the summer of '07.

BRS is still alive in our hearts and minds and we continue to be curious about all of you and where you are. Every new response on the BRS web page warms our hearts and brings a memory or two into our conversation. "remember when"..... follows. What an incredible time for Bruce and me. We did so much growing and so much has happened in our lives since then as is true for all of you. How can we ever catch up!

Visited Sam and his family in Boston the weekend before we left for Seattle and had the opportunity to hear his band at a local Pub! I was blown away by the performance. Can't believe I had never heard his band but now I'm a total fan. Music seems to play a fairly large part in our family. Sally and Chris's daughter, Rachel,(16) sings and dances in musicals and just sent us a tape of one of her Opera pieces. Berit and husband John sing, and grandson Jacob is pretty cool on the electric guitar. Sally takes voice lessons. Music abounds, maybe thanks to debbie Stuart. You'll be happy to hear my violin gathers dust! And Bruce still plays away on the keyboard.

We have moved from Olympia, WA back to NJ. and we are quite happy to be back on the Eastcoast and close to family, familiar places and old friends. Our couples weekend workshops are going well. We do about one a month in NJ, MA, and WA. Thanks for your letter to the community, Beeg. I thought it took courage to write and I thank you. We loved our visit with you a year ago.

It's late, but Will has wanted us to write and been patiently encouraging us, so I thought I would say something before retiring TONIGHT!! Thanks to you Will for getting all this going. We love you all and want to hear from all of you. Betsy

Taken in Olympia, WA - Thanksgiving 2005
Sally, Ellen(Berit's daughter 12), Rachel (15), Berit, and Betsy.


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Will (McNaughten) Loving - teacher, 1982-83

Amherst, MA
(h) 413-253-7044 (w) 413-253-7223
email: website: dedicationtechnologies.com

I settled in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1986 after a few years of teaching and leading Outward Bound courses. I have a wonderful family that consists of my partner Kate Loving (married 1992) and our 11-year old son, Noah. Since so many people have asked about our name change, I've posted the letter we sent out explaining it here. Until Noah's birth, Kate was a house painting contractor for 18 years and since then has focused on a number of things in addition to parenting. I worked as a carpenter and in a lumber yard for a few years, but when I got laid off in 1991, I decided to invest my unemployment time in learning to use my Mac well enough to earn money from it. Since that time, I've worked from my home doing computer consulting, primarily database design and database publishing (Mac & Win) using FileMaker Pro and QuarkXPress. Kate and I also taught East Coast Swing for a number years, something we loved and enjoyed sharing with over a thousand students in that time.

Swing Publicity Photo, c. 1992 - - - - - - - - - - - Contra dancing at the Fall Ball, 2009

My primary focus these days is making more time for my family and at the same time developing and promoting a database system I've developed for use by Community Arts Schools as well as non-profit organizations in general. Noah is a wonderful guy and love being with him and watching him grow and learn. His interest in theater has re-kindled my own and I've recently been collecting and getting to know recordings of Broadway musicals of the last 15-20 years. We've been to NYC to see Wicked three times and Noah has starred as "Milo" in a musical version of "The Phantom Tollbooth" and more recently played the role of "Jason" in a production of "Falsettos".

A major non-business project that I have put time into is as a volunteer Programme Officer for Zambia for the World Computer Exchange, an organization dedicated to bringing computer technology and the internet to developing countries. Í've helped facilitate the shipment of over 3000 computers - nearly all iMacs and G3 Macs - which are primarily destined for Zambia's poorest and most rural schools. Getting the internet to those schools, however, is a much hard proposition, but people are working on it. For a slide show showing the arrival of the the first load of computers two years ago, see: New Vision for Africa the main organization I've been working with in Africa.

I started contra-dancing more than 25 years ago, but in 2008 I started calling dances as well. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I am finally making the space of it. I've called at some of the regular dances around Massachusetts in the last year along with a dance in Burlington. I've also developed a new dance database for caller's to use called "Caller's Companion".

Will Loving calling contra dances at the Guilding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA

Will calling a contra dance at the Guilding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA

Will, Kate, Noah and friends

Katie & Will in the "Fiery Furnace"
Arches National Park, September 2009

Noah Loving

Noah at the Truro Beach

Will twisting balloons at the Amherst Town Fair


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John Gans - teacher, 1980-82

Lander, WY
(307) 335-2278 (NOLS)
website: NOLS.edu

Posted: 8-23-07

It looks like a number of you will soon be getting together for the BRS Reunion. I wish I could be with you all in person, but know that I am with you in my thoughts and in my heart.

I have just recently returned from a 4 1/2 month sabbatical with my family. We traveled around the world and spent time on every continent but Antarctica. After 38 flights, I am just not ready to
immediately get on an airplane again. The sabbatical was great.... like one really long BRS expedition with the family. Please see trip log on our website. [The password to this site is being sent in an email to BRSers. If you didn't get it, please email me - Will]

BRS and the BRS community continues to have a significant impact on my life. Please give hugs and greetings to everyone for me. Also thank you for all of your work to organize the website and the reunion.

My warmest regards to you all!!
john gans


John is now the Executive Director of NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, Wyoming. After teaching at BRS, he left to become an instructor at NOLS. While there, he met Will (McNaughten) Loving, who was taking a semester course and told him about BRS (see picture) where Will went to work the following Fall. Twenty-three years later John is still at NOLS. Click here to read a letter in the NOLS "Leader" magazine the year John took over.

John with son Noah in Glacier National Park, British Columbia, Canada

John Gans teaching a weather class for NOLS in Canyonlands NP in February 1982 (Will Loving on left)


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Georgia Ellicott - student, RC teacher, etc.; 1978-80

422 Court Street, Keene, NH 03431
603-352-2254 (h), 603-313-5574 (c)

Here we are; my son, Nick (18), my husband, Jim and his daughter, Emily (20) and myself. At present, Jim and I are renovating the home that we bought in 2000. Jim works as an architectural designer which he has done for most of the past 20 years; his favorite thing to do (as well as hanging around with me) is to sing in the good ol' barbershop style with his quartet. He also has an older daughter, Sara (21), who lives in CT and a much older step daughter, Jill, who is married to a Coast Guard officer and is about to have their 2nd child.

Nick loves technology and its many current and possible future applications. He has interned with an independent filmmaker in Brooklyn where he provided tech support and production assistance of all kinds on a short film titled The Artful Dodger. Currently, he interns at and is employed by the local Public Access TV station, which he loves. He attends an experiment of the public school system called Monadnock Community Connections, and may graduate by the end of the summer (competency based; not time based learning). Emily (pictured here at her Black Belt celebration) lives in Arcata, CA, works in a small restaurant, and visits back east when she can.

As for me, 2006 brought many changes to my family. My Grampa died in April, my Gramma in Nov. They raised me and were dear to me beyond words. Our family is in transition now; new roles and new horizons ahead. I make money modeling for artists which I have been privileged to do for low these 20 years and I House Manage at The Colonial Theatre (which means that I manage the 125+ volunteer ushers and work every live event). I also love to spend time in my gardens, labirynth, with my cats and my family. I am a Feri Priestess and a Witch in the Reclaiming Tradition (initiated on 22 July 2006 after 15 years of practice and about 16 months of focused preparation). What does that mean? After 20 years clean and sober, I have found my personal home in the universe of possibilities. I am now at the beginning of understanding what I am meant to do, study, and practice for the greatest good. I practice the ancient arts of bending reality, working with energy, healing and ministering from the personal to the global. I am responsible for having integrity in all of my interactions.

We, as a family, are alternately concerned and amazed by the state of the world. We have protested in DC, participate in the weekly vigil here in Keene, implement permaculture adjustments as we go, and mostly, attend as well as possible to each other and our loved ones. The rest of our household includes my old cat, Inanna (calico), a black lady cat whom we took in, named Ledga, and her now-grown kittens Belgerath (grey male), Misty (grey female), Leonardo (black male), and Luna (black female). That's 6 cats...3 black. Darwin (orange and white cat) died of congestive heart failure on Dec 15, 2006 and Princess Yemaya, my beautiful black dog died Mar 30 after a 3 mo. illness which was either lyme or cancer and no treatment was working. Submitted with love, Georgia


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Nancy Jessup - teacher; 1981-83

Florence, MA 01062

I am loving being mom to a beautiful, smart, sparkling and joyous seven year old daughter, Phoebe, who I adopted from Vietnam seven years ago. We live in a quasi-mini-cohousing situation with my best friend Emma and her partner Milton. A year and a half ago we bought two houses on the same property. We share a big yard with garden and Phoebe can hop, skip and jump over to their house any time she likes. We live in a wonderful old neighborhood in the Baystate section of Northampton, residents include black bears. We live across the street from the Mill River, the same river I've been living along in various locations since 1989.

A year ago we added a new member to our family, Ruby, a standard poodle. She is Phoebe's surrogate little sister.

For the past nine years I've been working as a counselor at an elementary school in South Hadley. I love my work, though it has become increasingly challenging. I see that as a reflection of more and more trauma and stresses that families have to deal with. I'm working on trying to bring Ruby to work with me as a therapy dog. I'm already taking some of my students for walks in the woods with her. Immensely therapeutic for all involved.

Nancy, Ruby and Phoebe

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Ene Osteraas-Constable - student, 1982-83

885 Jonive Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472

website: http://thewowhaus.com

Update: 8-23-07

So nice to hear from you all....I wish I could be there; we had a July East Coast trip planned months before we heard about the reunion and I can't come out twice this year. Please know that I'm with you all in spirit. I will definitely post a message on the web site. My husband's family is in Philadelphia and we go to the Jersey shore often; in fact, we're working on incubating East Coast projects next summer - perhaps we'll have a chance to visit with you then. Also, open invitation to all BRS folks to visit us here - we're 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean, on 3 acres with plenty of room, 1.5 hrs North of SF.

I want you to know how much my time at BRS has meant in my life - I think of you all often, and continue to have a deepening appreciation for the passion, creativity, and courage it took for you all to create BRS. The experiences I had at BRS were hugely influential and inspirational.

All my love to you, Ene

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Sam Bergquist - student; 1978-81

9 Edge Hill Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

Check out my band! http://myspace.com/loosechangebostonband

I'm living in Jamaica Plain (part of Boston) with my two wild child boys (Isak 8, Finn 6) and my wife, Kristina. I teach 4th grade in Newton (my 14 th year teaching) and love the daily challenges (most of the time) of teaching children Some of the issues that arise with my nine and ten year old students are not that much different than the ones we all confronted in the Yellow House common room.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. I still play music (I will post my band website), enjoy outside adventures (running, skiing, hiking, etc), and all the cultural activies in the city. Unbelievably, and completely coincidently, Kristina and I bought a rustic cabin in Wentworth (no running water or electricity) and my family spends many weekends up there. I have a new appreciation for all the outdoor adventure to be experienced in that area, and I am, of course, constantly reminded of that crazy, wonderful place on Ellsworth Hill. Here is a picture of me playing at Chris True's wedding.

Love, Sam


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John Rogers - student; 1979-81

50 Woodbury Street, Keene, NH 03431
website/blog: www.primeroast.wordpress.com

Here's a little from a recent email; we hope John will send more details soon!

We are doing well, Judy, Patrick (our youngest who is 17 )and myself live in Keene, while Tyler our oldest (21) lives in Florida. Judy and I own a small coffee shop right on main street. We roast our coffee right on site.


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Chris True - student; 1980-82

Eden Prairie, MN
email: link: http://www.edenpr.k12.mn.us/cms/staff/ctrue.html

This info pulled from the above website. Hoping to hear from Chris soon!

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Bruce "Beeg" Harris - student; 1980

San Diego, CA

At Bruce Bergquist's request, Beeg has written and shared with us the compelling story of his life before, during and after his brief stay at Baker River School.

"You know, at first there was hesitation in writing this letter. Because I felt that I was only a small part of the Baker River School experience. However my respect and love for my friends Bruce and Betsy compelled me to do so. I arrived at BRS a very confused and messed up individual. My childhood up to then was not one full of joy and happiness. When I was four my mother worked at an orphanage and met a young man there who she took a liking to....Click here to read the rest of Bruce's story...


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Rebecca Jackson - student; 1980-83


this past june (2008) i graduated from greenfield community college and in september i'm off to mount holyoke with a full scholarship! i'll continue my studies in studio art and writing. this past spring i took a 3D design course and the two sculptures i made have been the two most satisfying events of my life. when i saw a david smith (a prominent sculptor starting in the 1930's) retrospective at the guggenheim in nyc 3 years ago - his work made my life make sense. the way that i see, understand and relate to the world are most easily accessed through sculpture. stayed tuned...it's going to be another active couple of years!

seeing people last summer was a joy and i look forward to more gatherings to come.

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Wil Catlin - student; 1979-83


I’m in Portland, Oregon, working as a Footwear Developer for Nike (where I was surprised one day to discover Becky and Michael Jackson’s sister, Diana, working in the model-making studio in the basement of my building). Neither of these (Portland, Nike) ever appeared on my ‘where do I see myself in five years’ plans, but they have their benefits. For one, I’ve been able to sneak sustainable and recycled materials into millions of shoes (you can blame me for those recycled PET laces that just won’t stay tied), and I do get to travel to places I wouldn’t ordinarily see. But mainly I moved here (from Las Vegas, but that’s another story) to marry Brenda, a poet I met at the University of Washington MFA program back in the 90’s, before I knew that most of the futures I couldn’t imagine are much better than those I would. Which is to say that perhaps a full life has more tenses in it than we have words for.

The bonus is my now 16 year-old stepson, John, with whom (and don’t laugh) I get to play D&D again and go climbing in Joshua Tree, where we’ve gone for Spring Break the last few years (and where I still say ‘and Charlie climbed that one…’). We enrolled him this year in a private community school here in Portland that reminds me more than anything else of BRS, right down to the singed hair at the Christmas play (‘Julie, your hair’s …’). That and the fundraising to buy a new van for the road trips which, really, I wish I were the one taking.

Thanks to all of you for great memories and friendships, and I’d love to hear from anyone who cares to write. (Not that I’ve ever been known for reliably returning correspondence within the decade, but I still love hearing from folks.)

Wil & Brenda

(see new picture from Year 3 SW Expedition also sent in by Wil)

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Nick Pancoast - student; 1978-80

Colchester, Vermont


Bruce & Betsy: I have been in the hotel business since college and it has allowed me to do the things that I really enjoy in life. I have spent most of my time in New England working in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Currently I'm working in Vermont but I will be soon moving back to New Hampshire.

I have been married for twelve years to Paula who is originally from Newfoundland, Canada. She is a wonderful woman and works for Southwest airlines so we take full advantage of her flying privileges and travel as often as possible. We have been all over the United States, Europe, Africa and are planning a trip to South America. She just got some free tickets to Alaska and we are planning on going there in September. Paula and I have lived in New Hampshire for seven years and have just moved back into the house we own in Northwood just east of Concord.

My heart has always been in the outdoors and I have spent a great deal of time skiing, climbing mountains, bicycling and anything else that keeps me active. I must say that looking back at my time at Baker River School it made a difference in a difficult period of my life and gave me some direction. I truly believe that some of the lessons that I learned there have carried forward over the last 25 or so years. I was so happy to hear from you last week it just made my day. It would be great to see you some time and please tell Sam I said hello.
(Nick is general manager of the Hampton Inn and Conference Center in Burlington, VT)

Nick and Paula in Tanzania

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Rachel Pentlarge - student; 1978-81

2030 Lanier Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(c) 202-744-8046

Rachel will be in touch soon with more pictures and a note.

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Tammy Marengo - student; 1980-82


Tammy & Tobi at 7 months ------------Tammy & Tobi in 2000


Tammy and Tobi

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Marty Sartwell - student; 1981-82

Martha Sartwell
43 Penacook Street
Concord, NH 03301


Marty sent this note with her reunion registration:

I hope I can still remember peoples names I know I will remember faces but the memory isn't what it used to be. I can't wait to see my comfort people. It's a little difficult reaching out after so long. My life after BRS had many years of great things. But then I enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks, unfortunately I aced it and was kicked out for coming to my senses. So tell you more when we can all connect. I guess I'm a bit nervous that my experience has been alot different than what I have been reading, very different, I hope there is a kindred spirit amongst you who will be able to relate to my issues. From what I hear it probably wasn't to the extent I did but. I like who I am now and thats all that matters to me. I'm am going to try to remain open if you see me closing down don't be afraid to come and chat. Well I'll see you all soon.

Marty with Mike Jackson sharing about her BRS experience (Reunion 07)


Kendra & Marty - 1981

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KT Henley Eames - student; 1978-80

Henley Eames (aka KT)
325 Laurel Avenue

San Anselmo, CA 94960


Update: For much of my adult life I have been on a Spiritual path, one that has provided a gift of Knowing. God has provided me with challenges I never thought IÍd asked for! As always challenge has provided me with the opportunity to be present and find love in every moment. I have had Lyme Disease for 14 years now. Initially I was misdiagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and acute low back pain. Three years ago I was correctly diagnosed with Lyme. I have spent great periods of time in solitude. And I have made clear choices to stay with my life no matter how hard it might get. Not knowing how long I would be ill, choosing treatments, sticking with whatever the moment required put me to the test. Did I pass or fail? As always, I never really know. I just move on to whatever is next. Continuing to journey even when I am not where I think I should be at whatever stage of life I am in. The day, the next meal, the call to breathe in the fresh air Æ these things help me to stay focused and continue to grow.

After diagnosis I was on antibiotics for 2 years. One of these years I was stuck on the second floor of our apartment with a foot injury (when you have Lyme, injuries often take much longer to mend.) I lost a lot of muscle mass at that time. Things werenÍt looking too good, so I decided to work with a healer/nutritionist who uses extensive kinesiology. It was a slow process, but eventually the tide turned and I could see significant progress. About a year ago I tested negative for Lyme.

I am now free of active Lyme. But I still have symptoms, which I know are dissipating. I have some medications to get off and basic strengthening to do. I still get frustrated and will things to move faster, but that doesnÍt work. When I look at how far IÍve come I slow down and watch a good movie. I havenÍt fully assimilated these last years; I donÍt know what my future will be. I only know that my full time job has been recovery from illness. I look forward to assisting others in whatever way God calls and to spending more time in nature.

Love To You All,


PS. Before moving to Marin County, I lived in Palo Alto, CA where I worked for Windham Hill Records. This is when I decided to use my middle name, Henley instead of KT. Previously I lived in Santa Fe and Dixon, NM. There I worked at ñHerbs Etc.î as well as a natural food store. I thank BRS for my intense love of the Southwest. I also enjoy watercolor painting and Native American practices. I am currently learning from Tammy Marengo how to heal with gems, as well as receiving long distance Reiki from her. I live with my Mom who I enjoy playing cards with, and my cat Prince Desert Sky who reminds me to have fun. I joke around and sing out of tune with my friend Ramon Chen who along with my mother has played a primary role in taking care of me during this time. Thank you Will McNaughten for starting this BRS web site. You put a lot of work into it. I love reading each personÍs update and being in touch with one another.

Henley and Chris (caregiver/friend, from nearby Seminary, soon to be ordained minister) 2006 Sarah (my Mom and recent author of "Revelations, Illusions, and True Confessions". Check it out at Amazon.com)

Henley & Prince 2006

Henley and Meirov (caregiver/friend from Spirit Rock Meditation Center), 2006

Henley and dear friend Ramon, 2006

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Noni Flanagan Cooper - student; 1980-82

30 Greenwood Street
Lexington, MA 02421


Update: 8-23-07

I send you all a big hug and hope you are all well. Please know that I am happy and doing well. Life is very busy with three children (who are all in different schools - Jonathan is in third grade in elementary school, Grace is in seventh grade in middle school and Devlin is in tenth grade in high school) and my own schedule is busy too. I keep control of my diabetes by tap dancing and walking and during the school year I am a preschool teacher in the "Middle Room" at a cooperative preschool in a mixed classroom - some go onto kindergarten and some move to the "Far Room" at the preschool). Jim is still working at MOTU - 20 years! We are happy to have visitors in Lexington so if you are in the area please give us a call.

Have a great time! Let me know what is new in your life. Where is Andrea Greenberg? Where is Margie Geurs? (sp) We need to get more people to write in to the website and let us know what is going on in their lives. I love reading about your lives and I wish I could see you all!!!!!



I got this website info from Sam Bergquist. Thank you for putting it all together! Baker River School was a magical place for me. My father said I blossomed into a flower there. It will always be a special place filled with special people and lots of memories.

I think of my friends from Baker River School often and wonder where they are and what they are up to. Has life been kind to them and do they have what they want? Bruce and Betsy - I think of you both and couldn't imagine what you were up to. I googled you and was amazed by what you are still doing. You two have drive and spirit and so much to share and give. You gave so much to me, when I really needed it. Baker River School made me come alive for the first time in a long time. Thank you for that. Thank you for caring so much about all of us and pouring your hearts and souls into the little school on the hill. I sure hope there is a way to coordinate a reunion some where, some how. It would be great to see anyone and everyone.

My life is on a steady course, but a course that I love. Jim and I are about to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary (22 1/2 years since our first date), which is amazing because it doesn't feel like it has been that long. Funny how quickly life happens when you are not paying attention! We have three children Devlin, who is 14 and beginning high school this year, Grace, who is 11 and beginning middle school, and Jonathan, who is 7 and beginning 2nd grade. I worked for many years at Boston Symphony Orchestra and "retired" when Devlin was 6 months old.

We moved to Santa Monica, CA for a year and came rumbling back east, on the heels of the Northridge earthquake in 1994. I am much happier in New England anyway. We have been living in Lexington for 9 years and just completed a major renovation on our house. I am enjoying my life as a full-time stay-at-home mother and I fill the "dull" moments by tap dancing as often as possible. During the school year I am a preschool teacher at the school Grace and Jonathan went to, which allows me to do something I love and still be home when each of my kids gets home from school. Then it is off to soccer or piano or dance or karate or swimming....

Noni - BRS Cleanup, 1983

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Macy Coffey - student 1978-80, staff 1980-81

Moscow, Russia


Among other things, my graduating minute said -

"We imagine you, variously as sitting in a shady bower plucking out some new sad or satiric song, or conversely surrounded by computers and telephones as you feverishly complete a complex purchase arrangement. Poet or tycoon, which will it be?"

I've spent almost 19 years as an accountant / auditor first with Arthur Andersen and now Ernst & Young. Since 2001 I've been working in Russia. Professionally things fell into place along the way. Not to say my career has been easy, but in the end, it has mostly taken care of itself. My home office has two high speed internet connections and 3 phones ... what can I say, I guess it speaks for itself :)

On the personal side, I've been involved with someone here for a couple of years. I still have a two-family house in Somerville, MA. I'm likely to leave Moscow in the next year or so ... not sure what the next stop is - I could stay abroad for a few more years or maybe back to Boston.

If anyone is traveling to Russia, drop me a line ... guests are always welcomed.

More details and photos at a later date.

Love and hugs to those of you I know.


Macy & Tammy (1980-81?)

Macy & Irina (Reunion 07)

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Ash Eames - staff; 1982-83 (family members: Deborah Stuart)

64 Buffalo Road
Wentworth, NH 03282


As most of you know I have stayed around Wentworth after the school closed for one very good reason. Deborah Stuart and I were married in 1985 and continue to have been living on Buffalo Road ever since. Our home is surrounded by beautiful gardens which help make it a great place to live. About ten years ago friends of mine and I began a community group called Friends of Wentworth Parks and Recreation and have developed a well used park down by Paige's swimming hole. The facilities include volley ball, tennis, basketball and picnic space and a "tot lot" playground - with the Baker River flowing right through the grounds. This past summer I was able to hit tennis balls with Sam Berquist and his two boys on the court.

For twenty one years Deborah and I have had a full life what with interesting work, travel to Central America, family, community and church activities.

I have fond memories of the year I taught at Baker River School and think often of the history class where we did the archeological "dig" of the cellar hole on Ellsworth Hill and the spring trip to Mexico.

I hope this finds you all well.

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Maria Van Liew - student; 1982-83

306 Kenney Street
Ridley Park, PA 19078


Hello! Well, what a hoot this is! Where to begin? I guess at the point, right after BRS, when I told my mother that my girlfriends and I were saving our money for a van with which we wanted to relocate to CA and work. Realizing I had no interest in college, she made a phone call to Bruce who, I think (my teens are a bit foggy in general!) helped get me into Clark U. in Worcester, where I worked retail 40 hrs. a week while attending classes. This allowed me to see which of the two was the better option to pursue.

I was still doing my melancholy gothic-hippie thing until I discovered foreign languages and “woke up” and moved to Germany and Spain for a few years in the 1980s. While living south of Barcelona, I honed my teaching skills, finally started reading newspapers and learned world geography, as well as sang with a Catalan pop/rock band named Els Pets (trans: “The Farts”). That’s why that woman and I look constipated in the publicity photo! We’d sing about all the gross industry in our region (which stank!) due to un-tethered foreign investment, as well as the usual 20+ concerns.

It was fun, but I jumped ship in 1990 to move to CA (finally!) and get my Ph.D in Lit. That took many moons and, believe it or not, I got sick of the sun and moved to Philadelphia for the position that I still hold today at West Chester U., 9 yrs. later! I teach Spanish literature, cultural history and film, and most of my scholarship is on cinema (and immigration to Spain,of late). I usually teach in Guadalajara, Mexico in the summer, though now that I’m married, I’m not so keen on these long stints abroad. Oh yeah, my long-standing loner status has ended by marriage (last Oct) to my dear Dan. We’re the same age and have a lot of fun together, and since we’re both officially “middle-aged”, we’re going to skip the kid thing, though I do like them! If I were younger, I’d consider it. But, I’m enjoying an intense pursuit of yogic knowledge, while the service demands of my job keep me pretty grounded.

This past year (academics think in terms of Aug - Aug) I had a sabbatical during which I took my dream trip to India, Hong Kong and Japan. It was hot in India in Jan, and freezing cold in Japan in March! Hence the varying attire. The young maidens in saris are actually transvestites, who aren’t treated very well at all in India, so they were very affectionate with me once they realized I wasn’t judging them. And the little geisha is a friend’s daughter - what a cutie! And the little school kids in a wealthy suburb of Tokyo - don’t get me staaahhhhted!

I can’t find my older photos (of BRS, for example), though I don’t think I had a camera in those days. So much fun catching up with you, your families and your projects. Hasta luego!

Wedding Kiss + Japan in March

Old Woman in Zaca

"El Pets"

Maria with Indian "maidens"

Maria in Hong Kong

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Peter Fisher - staff; 1979-82

3 Riverview Street
Brattleborro, VT 05301

Hoping to hear from Peter soon!


Peter demonstrates how to eat a "no calorie" cookie (Reunion 07)

Peter helps Javi (Tamelyn's son) pick up his crackers (Reunion 07)

Peter and Oreo - taken by Nancy Jessup

Peter demonstrates the proper procedure for putting on a latex glove (Reunion 07)

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Michele Gold Fava - student; 1981-83

117B Plain Woods Road
Foster, RI 02825

Finally getting around to writing in. I have enjoyed the website, the pictures and stories and can't wait for the reunion! It is incredible to think about BRS and everything it has meant to me. What wonderful memories. when I think about BRS the first thing that comes to mind is how much Love there was. I can see us all there and just feel it!

So, the journey from BRS to here and now. Too much to tell, but filled with love of family (Joe and I will be married 16 years next month! and our 51/2 year old daughter Rachel is just so joyous and wonderful.), and work that I delight in and find very fufilling (I'm a speech pathologist working in an outpatient clinic and acute care hospital...my passion is working with folks with voice and swallowing disorders). We live in Foster RI which is pretty much as rural as you can get in this state. We live down a long dirt road...but unlike Elsworth hill, it's flat!

The big stories are ... chronic back pain and then surgery (1996) for my back which subsequently has lead to a much greater journey of healing. I am grateful that I am able to do all the things I have always loved to do without pain...I was really down and out for awhile with pain and not being able to work (for a year after surgery I spent all my time in bed not moving). It seems like so long ago now, but it was something that had a major impact on my life and believe it or not NOW I'm grateful for it!

Adopting our daughter Rachel from Cambodia is the other big story. I spent almost 4 months in Cambodia, and finally was able to bring her home to her dad a few days before she turned one. A complicated and long story, but a wonderful albeit difficult experience in many ways. Our "gotacha day" is tomorrow and I am transported back to my time when first she was in my arms. So much about Cambodia was difficult i.e. poverty and coruption of the government, and yet the people were the lovliest, kindest people I had ever met. And although the land was so ravaged by war, there was also much beauty. And I am smelling Jasmine in my dreams these days as our anniversary approaches!

So I wish everyone well and look forward to reconnecting in August with all who attend the reunion.

Joe, Michele and Rachel - Reunion 07

Michele and Nancy Jessup - Graduation

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Chris Maynard - staff; 19??-1982

8211 Ayer Street SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Bruce has provided the following udpate on Chris:

The below URl links to a recently published scientific paper by Chris Maynard. It's titled "Ground Beetles in Three Western Washington Prairies and Associated Oak Forests". He is very much a science guy, and does this kind of research in his "spare time" (i.e. when he's not making papier mache masks, making video documentaries, tending his various fowl (chickens, geese, pheasants), fishing, skiing, biking, hunting, goofing around with his 17 year old daughter Rachel, working for the Department of Ecology, doing a brisk business selling feathers, beetles, and other items on eBay (the UPS truck comes by his farmstead daily), He and Sally are planning on attending the reunion.


The pic was taken last summer at the Baker River in Wentworth when he and Sally and Rachel were east for our 50th.


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Kendra Axon - student; 1980-83

2715 SE 49th Avenue
Portland, OR 97206


Hello Everyone:

I found out about the BRS website through Sarah and I have enjoyed looking at the old photos of all of us and reading about how everyone is doing. I have thought about many BRS folks throughout the years hoping that things are going well in your lives. It is really nice to be back in touch with Sarah and I have e-mailed a few other old friends to catch up.

I live in Portland Oregon with my husband, two cats and two dogs. We moved here in 2002 from California and really enjoy all that this area has to offer. After leaving BRS I moved to Palo Alto California to live with my mother and to graduate from high school. Shortly after graduating high school I moved to San Francisco and it became my home for the next fifteen years. I moved into a flat with several roommates and started working full-time at a fabric store. San Francisco was an exciting place to live and at times a difficult place to live but I had some good times there and I always enjoy going back to visit. I worked many different jobs while living there and eventually returned to school and got my BA from San Francisco State University.

My husband and I have been together since 1992. In 2000 we left San Francisco and moved to Santa Rosa which is 50 miles north of San Francisco but after a couple years there we knew it wasn’t where we wanted to stay and that is when we decided to re-locate to the Pacific Northwest. Dennis works in the computer industry and I have worked for a drug and alcohol treatment center for several years. On my free time Dennis and I enjoy taking trips to the Oregon coast, traveling to other places, (In 2005 we took an exciting trip to Buenos Aires Argentina) spending time with my dogs, studying Spanish, listening to music, walking and exploring the city and seeing movies. Portland is a nice city with many interesting things to do and see and if any of you ever want to visit you are more than welcome to stay with me.

I enjoyed my time at BRS and I have nice memories of all the people I met there. I rarely went home to California for holidays or school breaks and am very appreciative of the friends who brought me home with them. I remember everyone’s families and their warmth and generosity. I am planning on coming to the re-union in August and look forward to seeing all of you again.


Kendra and "Junior"

Kendra and Dennis, 2005

Kendra in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kendra in the White Mountains, NH (1982)

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Chet Keefe - student 1981-83

PO Box 324
Northampton, MA 01060

Chet is living somewhere in the 'happy valley' and still playing music. Here's a website about his music career and his album "Four Wheel Low". There are some pictures of him at a 2001 open mike session located here.


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Carol Holmes - staff; 1982-83

500 Snowberry Lane
Sandpoint, ID 83864
(208) 263-7492

Dear BRS Community,

Here I am missing another reunion. Sigh. I look forward to pictures. Hard to believe that you students are in your 40's and I am almost 60. When I see pictures of some of you now, I smile to see the essence that is so familiar.

I led trips and taught cross country skiing for a few years after BRS (and a year at The Meeting School). As usual, I enjoyed teaching those who were the newest to things, like taking women from places like Brooklyn on their first backpacking experiences. "Wow, the stars look like diamonds on velvet."

Then I stumbled into working with folks with Alzheimer's and other issues that affect the ability to communicate in our usual ways. Nothing has felt as creative to me as finding ways to connect.
In 1995, I met my husband, Steve Mullin, at a meditation center in Northern California. We had converged from Western Mass and Idaho. I moved here soon after. You would recognize me here--hanging out in the woods, meditating, doing Authentic Movement and connecting--sometimes shyly--with people.

There have been few experiences in my life that have touched me as deeply as times with you in that last year of BRS. Tears come now as I remember sitting in morning meeting, in someone's kangaroo pouch or someone in mine, Bruce playing in that fluid way that relaxes me even as I remember, singing songs I love or hate, feeling so full, wishing this for the whole world. I have not doubt that the world is a better place for those energies and struggles we shared.

I hope I make it to the NEXT reunion. In the mean time, come see me in Idaho. Sandpoint has a luscious lake and mountains on either side. Reminds me of the Champlain Valley in Vermont.

May you all travel safely to the reunion.

With love, Carol



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Tamelyn Smith - student; 1979-83

30 Churchill Ave, #313
Cambridge, MA 02140


WOW! Great to find so many of you out there at a fingertips reach. It's been quite some time since I've connected with any Baker River folks, save Sam, who I've run into a few times in places like Traders Joes & the Wake Up the Earth Festival in Jamaica Plain. In early May of this year I had just moved back to the Boston area after moving around a little for 7 years & it was a pleasant surprise to run into Sam & learn about this website & consequently this reunion. An awful lot has transpired since I last saw any of you. I will save most of it for later, when I have more time to write.

For now, I will abbreviate and say I have loved & travelled & married & had a child. I lost my husband a year ago. My son, Javi, is 2 & 1/2 yrs. old and he's a lot of fun. He amazes me daily with his energy, jubilance, new discoveries & new language, which is just bursting forth. He's absolutley delicious.

Going back to just after Baker River, I got a teaching degree & certificate @ Wheelock College in Boston from 84-88. I spent a number of years teaching preschool aged children in a wonderful program on MIT's campus. Then got out of the city, moved to an island off the coast of mid-Maine. I started my own childcare program there, which operated for one year. The island is very small and it turned out there were not enough children to keep the program enrolled from year to year. But it was a great experience writing my own philosophy and curriculum and bringing all my previous experience & knowledge together into a program that served that community for a year. Being there, amidst a major fishing community, I also tried my hand at lobstering which was smelly & brutal! Needless to say, I didn't last long.

Next it was on to Kenya, where I explored the northwestern countryside, close to Mt. Elgon, which is Kenya's richest land for farming & agriculture. In my almost 5 years there (9 mos. of the year) I spent some time baking and collaborated on the start-up of a small bakery to serve the local villages and one small city nearby. I planted lots of maize & beans & vegetables & helped take care of the farm & animals where I lived. I also managed an international restaurant for a while.

I returned from Kenya 3 years ago. I was living back up on the island in Maine where my son was born & where life is slower and the natural environment beautiful and rejuvenating. It was a nice place to be with a new baby - calm & serene.

Needing to get back to work, my son & I just recently moved back to the Boston area. I am currently working as the Asst. Director of a childcare program & Javi goes to school there, too. We are still in transition, staying temporarily with my Dad in Cambridge, MA & looking for our own apt. Life has been full of children new things, changes, losses and a lot of transition. Being a single Mom has been both exhilarating & exhausting, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

It's nice to reconnect. I look forward to seeing/talking with folks more in depth. Hope to see some of you at the Deerfield reunion.

Tamelyn - Reunion 07

Javi heads inside (Reunion 07)

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Mike Jackson - student; 1980-82

80 Ledge Street, Apt #1
Nashua, NH 03060

Hey folks,

I am happy to have this site available to us and am writing to bring any interested up to date on what's been going on in my life since I left the school. There has been a lot of growth and wisdom gained. I have had a lot to learn about myself and others, it has not always been fun but it has been good.

I have been a jack of many trades, factory worker, truck driver, and finally what I do now, a shift runner and delivery person for a "mom and pop" pizza shop. The money is good and the stress minor, all in all an easy if time consuming job.

At the reunion this year Bruce asked me if I was a 12 stepper and I must admit I haven't thought of myself in those terms in quite awhile. Still it is a fair start to explain what I am. I feel some of you if not all of you are due an apology for my conduct at the school. I came from an alcoholic background and have had some problems with that as well in my life but at the time I was a member of the school I really didn't relies what mess I was. Suffice to say that I was unaware of a lot of issues that made for a lot of frustration and blowing up when I ran out of ways to cope. I have come to see that I have issues around control and the desire to please and be excepted by others. I have always cared a lot about people,places,and things in my life, perhaps to much. I still can get a little out of whack but after 44 years now have the experience to see it for what it it is and make adjustments.

I have been married to a good woman who helped bring my three beautiful girls into the world. They are francisca,Samantha,and Erin from oldest to youngest. They are the greatest sources of love, pride and learning that I have in my life. They are a huge part of what has kept me grounded and in the day to day fight that I often find life to be. Funny that someone who dislikes fighting must do so on a regular basis. The marriage did not last but the bonds of family do and my ex and I are better as mom and dad then we were as husband and wife. I count my marriage as one of the best things that I have ever done not so much in how it turned out but in what I learned. I may never get into another intimate relationship as I have been alone for over 10 years but I am comfortable with that on the most important levels of living that way. I think if a special person is meant for me she will come at a time when I am ready and the time is right. Till then there is a lot of work I can do on being a better me so that she wont have to deal with typhoon Michael.

Bruce, Mike and Betsy (Reunion 07)

Mike with one of his three daughters (Reunion 07)

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Betsy True - student; 1981-82

43 Purchase Street
Worcestor, MA 01606

Occupation: Stay at home Mother



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Anne True - student; 1981-83

Minneapolis, MN

Occupation: Part-time Shiatsu and Massage Therapist, at home Mom

Rebecca, Anne and Emmett (Reunion 07)

Anne and Emmett (Reunion 07)

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Aldona Shumway - student; 1982-83

Freeport, ME

Aldona and family have just moved to Freeport. Here's a note from her reunion registration:

Hi! I've held onto that reunion announcement but thought I couldn't go. We've just bought a house and are trying to finish renovations before the end of the month before we move in. Bruce sent me a postcard this past week which made me re-think that decision. After prepping one room for painting and getting only half a wall painted, it's clear that we won't have everything finished anyway. Why not blow off chores and come to the reunion? Can't wait to see Kendra, Anne, Maria, and you!

Aldona and Sam Bergquist (Reunion 07)

Aldona during morning meeting (Reunion 07)

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PeterBirckhead - student; 1979, 1980

206 Manor Ridge Drive
Carrboro, NC 27510

I have been married for almost ten years to a wonderful woman named Tamar. We have two children: Camille is 7 and Maya is 5. We have been living in Chapel Hill, NC for about 3 1/2 years.

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Doug Fontein - staff; 1980-82

Tinmouth, VT

Nancy Jessup visited with Doug and his family in November (07) and sent these pictures and notes:

"Doug is living with his family, Cathy Reynolds and their two daughers, Amelia, 14, and Izzy, 10, in the house they build in Tinmouth, Vermont. Doug is very active in the Tinmouth community and running his own construction company."

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Jessica Reines - student; 1982-83

Newburyport, MA


Hey - this is amazing!! Its so fun to catch up on everyone...reading and seeing the pictures brings me back their in such a great way!! I feel grateful for the experience (the whole "hey-i know lets open a school"-good idea Betsy and Bruce)

Anyway-lifes been good. Married-two kids-(16 y.o girl-8y.o. boy--fantastic, funny, challenging, ETC. ETC....!) Currently working as a family therapist with Early Intervention (have been doing social work in some capacity since forever--primarily related to families/parenting/homeless-teen mother populations etc. So Betsy--I was interested in your thoughts reg. Sarah Palin(I'm still mulling it over).

We have purchased and lived in a few "fixer -uppers" over the years- while renovating ...and still doing so (a lot of works in progress). If any one is ever in Newburyport/Plum Island--please -please look me up! I'm enjoying this gorgeous fall we are having--love to all-Jessica



Who's Next? - student/staff; 19??

Contact a friend and get them to write in and send pictures!



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